We are a design & development agency

Helping your business achieve its goals through technology.

What we do

We are a digital solutions boutique offering businesses with technology solutions to help them remain efficient, profitable and competitive.



Making brands that stand out both on digital and print. Using design to help your business communicate better and reach a bigger audience.



Creating custom, secure and scalable applications, centered on business operations and tailored to help businesses remain efficient.



Data driven marketing to increase leads and conversions. We use a combinations of tools and media to inform your digital options

Bringing together a team of industry professionals & enthusiasts to help your business grow.

From startups to titans of industries, we make digital products that are business centric. From brand origination and positioning, web, mobile and native applications to data driven digital marketing, we have brought together an interdisciplinary team of all-stars from their individual fields, to craft a solution that gives you value for money.

Happy Clients


When i was setting up, i needed a consultant who would help me appropiately position the brand and give it that unique identity. Sharubati Technologies brought the business brand to life and implemented an effective way to gain awareness fast and i was amazed at how easily we hit our set threshold.
~ Oliver, Autokey.

Some brands we work with.

Often we put together the insights from what we have gathered and how digital is influencing businesses. Leave your email and we’d be glad to share.